2014: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: Washington DC


Welcome to the Lombardi-CBCC Team Page!!

The Georgetown-Lombardi Cancer Center is the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in DC. Lombardi is committed to conducting research and providing access to top quality prevention, early detection and treatment. We are especially proud to be sponsored this year by Lombardi's clinical partner - MedStar Health!

In 2004, with a $1 million gift from Avon, Lombardi and MedStar opened the doors of the Capital Breast Care Center (CBCC). Located in the southeast section of the District, CBCC serves women from all over our metro area. Over this past 10 years, CBCC has provided thousands of mammograms to women in need. They provide culturally sensitive breast cancer screening services and health and wellness education guided by evidence-based practices to all women in the Washington, DC area, regardless of their ability to pay.


The motto of CBCC says it all: "Where everyone matters!"

So, join us on this special ten year anniversary year to support Avon in their continued support of CBCC!

Our team of men and women has been together for many years now, and welcome new members! We are in this together- "One Team, One fight". Our team credo is that “no one walks alone”. We walk together and take care of each other. We walk together to let our patients know that they are not walking alone. We are walking with you each step of the way!

So, donate, support us, join us, and cheer us on!

Contact Jeanne at knitonecureone@gmail.com if you would like to find out more. Or join us for a training walk any week!



Lombardi/CBCC Raised
Jeanne Mandelblatt $3,143.20
Tatyana Albert $1,800.00
Rachael Augostini $2,205.80
Christina Avellanet $1,919.82
Ghedam Bairu $1,964.54
Ruth Barkan $1,906.40
Robyn Bernitt $2,765.80
Dahn Burke $2,227.90
Robin Butler-LeFrancois $2,403.60
Joanne Casey $3,365.20
Philomena Donaldson $2,195.53
Michelle C Eaton $1,820.60
Akan Ekpenyong $2,215.30
Debbie Eshelman $2,834.40
Lisa Feldman $2,173.20
Winifred Finley $719.60
Melina Furtado $2,012.75
Julie Goggins $2,321.30
Jeanine Gravette $2,021.60
Seena Gudelsky $1,800.00
Christopher Guttman-McCabe $23,131.00
Kelley Hawk $3,636.50
Marla Henderson $1,840.30
Linn Jorgenson $2,456.50
Bernadine Karunaratne $3,002.00
Lorrie Kirst $1,940.00
Amy Knieriem $2,275.00
Gail Kouril $27,562.10
Lisa & Gerard Leval $2,268.40
Stephanie Lewis $2,309.30
Mitra Lore $3,125.00
Marianne Mckeon $1,799.60
Molly Mckeon $1,800.00
Victoria Meakin $1,915.10
Sarah Medearis $1,829.30
Marilyn Menick $2,149.90
Priscilla Muntemba Taylor $9,569.70
Haleh Nematollahy $3,233.70
Pam Patterson $1,823.60
Beverly Rafferty $1,800.00
Valerie Rothman $1,947.20
Joyce Schneider $4,721.00
Mohammad Shadman $2,080.10
Maryam Sharifi-Peck $2,154.10
Sally Spaulding $2,303.60
Maggie Stauffer $5,089.00
Elizabeth Tackovich $1,908.94
Neda Tahbaz $2,911.00
Beeta Tahmassebi $2,300.60
Irma Thakkar $5,724.80
Lara Underwood $460.00
Sonja Vanden Berghe $2,109.30
Livia Velis $336.30
Tashina Velis $1,829.36
Tazreen Virk $2,295.10
Cindy Warfield $3,005.80
Harriet Weiner $2,078.60
Leanne Wells $2,202.20
Sue Werber $2,814.40
Freda Wooldridge $4,627.60
Denotes a Team Captain

Join us for 2014!
Join us for 2014!



113 percent of goal achieved.

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