2014: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: San Francisco


Welcome, and thank you for visiting our Avon Walk for Breast Cancer team's page! 

We all know that there's strength in numbers, so it’s with great strength that we’ll work and walk toward putting an end to the suffering caused by breast cancer. We each have our reasons for participating - - whether it’s a personal fight with breast cancer, the struggle or loss of a loved one, or a deep commitment to the cause. 
We've each made a big commitment. We’ll spend the next few months training to prepare for a walk of up to a marathon and a half. Each team member is required to raise at least $1,800 in donations. But because we're in this together, we know that, with your help, we can do it. 

Please support our team. You can make a donation to any team member by clicking on their name, and you’ll be taken to their personal page... If you'd prefer to write a check, just contact one of us and we'll send you the form and information. 

Please check back here frequently to see how we're doing, and thanks in advance for your support!

Team KRTY Raised
Tina Ferguson $11,486.95
Djuna Archer $2,664.30
Stephanie Barajas $1,881.87
Carrie Barnewitz $1,800.00
Anna Basques $2,295.88
Brenda Bradley $2,450.00
Monique Branscum $2,159.30
Allie Bunnell $2,582.90
Joanne Burgherr $2,878.70
Annie Cheng $2,445.10
Kaitlyn Crawford $1,928.60
Lea Crawford $2,915.90
Therese Divis $2,028.60
Amy Doyle $2,213.00
Susan Duarte $2,546.50
Laura Dunn $200.00
Virginia Dunn $1,977.20
April Durrett $2,675.00
Larry Edginton $2,098.70
Mahmoud Elmashni $1,880.10
Mychele Elmashni $1,851.50
Joseph Ferrante $990.00
Robert Ferrante $1,850.00
Jeannette Forrest $2,140.80
Erin Gienger $1,818.60
Paula Gienger $1,800.00
Christine Giusiana $2,115.60
Gennifer Giusiana $1,880.90
Jerry Goodman $1,933.60
Stephanie Goslin $1,867.20
Wendy Hacke, NBCT $1,850.00
Jenn Harrison $2,419.60
Katelyn Henderson $3,028.60
Kristen Henderson $3,472.20
Adam Herbel $2,295.28
Mallary Hope $1,330.30
Logan Jackson $1,850.00
Wendy Jones $1,805.00
Lauren Kiles $1,800.00
Jo-Anne Knysh $5,050.00
Renee Lach $3,600.00
Patricia Landauer $2,439.03
Rose Langan $2,974.30
Kathleen Leal $1,813.60
Jessica Luke $2,013.60
Traci Lund $1,803.60
Kyle Marquez $1,813.60
Brandon Mauro $0.00
Lesli Mays $2,582.90
Leah Mcfadden $2,030.80
Laura Menard $1,802.20
Jonathan Naylor $1,825.00
Shana Nute $1,975.00
Kim Overbeck $2,227.63
Valerie Parker $982.20
Jamie Pauhl $6,920.00
Lori Paulsen $1,943.60
Glenn Payne $2,751.80
Lizzi Pedersen $2,200.00
Shawna Perow $2,165.10
Lisa Pollino $3,374.30
Ida Pourshams $3,145.40
Krystal Quiambao $0.00
Ramona Radesic $1,920.00
Matt Reilly $2,154.00
Beatrice Renteria $2,673.35
Dixie Richards $1,100.00
Michelle Rodrigues $1,860.00
Delana Romero $1,903.60
Cynthia Roy $2,265.00
Julie Scopazzi $2,614.30
Trina Scott $2,125.80
Mary Serles $1,800.00
Jody Sicheneder $1,945.80
Jennifer Sida $1,075.00
Melody Sieglitz $1,800.00
Ronald Sieglitz $1,810.00
Janice Urban $3,115.80
Misty Walters $2,307.67
Cari Waters $0.00
Brianne Wells $2,816.90
Caitlin Wells $2,368.80
Laura Williams $1,875.00
Janis Wilson $1,806.00
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109 percent of goal achieved.

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