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Me and Anita

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Ms. Suzanne M Williamson

129 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $1,800.00
Achieved: $2,322.55

 At the info session for my first walk the speaker said that "one out of 4 women would be diagnosed".  At that time I walked because my grandmother and my great aunt had been diagnosed and the thought of it being in my family without a cure scared me.  

In the years since I've done my first walk I found out how true the statistic one in four really is.  Thankfully, my friends that have been diagnosed are survivors.

This year when one of my closest friends was diagnosed I to committed to my 5th walk.  I'm not going to find a cure or develop technology to rid the world of it BUT I can walk and raise money to support those who will.  

I'm walking as a TRIBUTE to my good friend Anita... and once she is cancer free we will be celebrating with shots of Patron.... because not only is she a fighter.. she's a survivor.. 


Thank you for your support!







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